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BLESS LINEN Artist's Professional 100% Linen Canvas, 86" x 2 yards Unprimed Folded


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  • Size: 86" x 2 yards
  • 100% Linen Canvas, Unprimed, Unbleached, Medium Weight - 7 oz.
  • BLESS LINEN 100% Linen Canvas is made for artists who need to prepare the surface the way they prefer, unlike limitations of prestretched canvases
  • Pure linen canvas is beautiful, strong and durable. It retains the natural oils, which helps to preserve the fibre's flexibility and stops the canvas from going brittle. For oil or acrylic primers. Suitable for others applications as well
  • Made in Europe

BLESS LINEN Artist Professional 100% Linen Canvas, 86" x 2 yards Unprimed Folded is a wonderful canvas, suitable for almost any artist's needs.

Being the most traditional and classic painting surface for hundreds of years, linen canvas has many advantages vs cotton canvas - it's strong and durable, retains its own oils, which helps to preserve flexibility of fabric and stops canvas from going brittle, having more natural weave than cotton, even provide the different tactile feelings during paints application. Because of the size of canvas you are free to create the frames with no size-limits.

Suitable for many others applications such as decorating, packing, etc.