Linen Towels

All of the linen towels made by BLESS LINEN have the following wonderful features:

      • they are stonewashed, which makes BLESS LINEN towels really soft and nice to touch;
      • the most useful sizes - 30W x 58L inches for the bath towels, 16W x 30L inches for the hand / kitchen towels, 13W x 13L inches for the wash cloths - are very convenient to use and to store;
      • proper sizing and style make BLESS LINEN towels appropriate for any place - bathroom, kitchen, gym, camping, fishing, boat, beach, pool, spa or sauna;
      • pure linen towels are feel-good for your skin, super absorbent, quick drying, antibacterial and very comfortable for everyday use;
      • machine washable;
      • hypoallergenic, and babies-friendly,
      • all of our towels are made in Europe.
Also, BLESS LINEN Striped Pure Linen Bath Towels, Brown/White are especially recommended for babies. They are smooth, feel good on a delicate skin and are the thinnest (still very absorbent and naturally strong) in our collection. That has more advantages compared to cotton terry towels: firstly, it is much easier to access and dry every skin fold of your little one, and secondly, it dries out super-fast disabling microbes to breed quickly on the towel.