Linen Facts

pure linen white bath towel
What is linen? Linen is an natural fabric, made of a herbaceous plant called flax. The fibers, which are found in long stalks of this amazing blue-flowered plant, are taken to create one of the most luxurious and healthiest textiles ever. At BLESS LINEN we are enchanted by linen for the following reasons:
  1. Naturally resistant to fungi and bacteria, which makes it super healthy to use in the bathroom, kitchen, swimming pool, sauna, gym and other places where microbes are not welcome.
  2. Sheds dust, dirt, and grime better than other natural fibers, which is very practical wherever you use that – at home or practicing yoga on the beach.
  3. Rapidly absorbs and loses a lot of water and perspiration, which (in combination with its antimicrobial characteristics) makes linen odor free.
  4. Longevity is another benefit of linen textiles as flax fibers are several times stronger than cotton and other natural fibers, thus, meaning you can enjoy your linen articles for decades to come.
  5. Easily packable, which saves space when you store your linen or take with on a travel.
  6. Drapes beautifully, adding charm and luxury whenever you use linen.
  7. Non-allergic and healing, as a consequence, is good for adults and babies with skin disorders.


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