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BLESS LINEN is a family-owned business which produces 100% pure linen home essentials, such as linen towels - linen bath towels, linen hand towels, kitchen towels, guest towels, linen blankets and so on with love and dedication to nature and people.

Our affection and fascination for linen textiles date back to the early 20th century. Those were the days when flax fields were processed manually and great-grandmothers of our family wove exquisite pieces of bedding, towels and kitchen linen just by their hands. Having become an heirloom many of those handmade items have been handed down 4 generations, are still being used and remain their perfect condition!

We still remember old traditions and our grannies teaching us to spin yarn on a wheel and telling how healing linen fibers can be - so now we are implementing that into modern production.

Today BLESS LINEN creates articles which have classic weaving designs, timeless patterns and colors for generations to enjoy the outstanding benefits of pure linen. All our products (linen bath towels, hand or kitchen linen towels, linen bed covers, etc.) are produced in Europe of local grown 100% natural flax, made of Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 certified fabrics and are babies-friendly.